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TOAST 2015 - The Original Artisan Spirits Tasting

A TOAST to Portland’s Artisan Distillers

A few weeks ago, Renée and I had the opportunity to attend the fifth annual Portland TOAST, an annual artisan spirits tasting hosted by the Oregon Distillers’ Guild and the Oregon Distillery Trail. A gathering of over 40 micro-distilleries and craft labels from around the Pacific Northwest, the event offered attendees access to sample an […]

Skinny Cincinnati {Skyline} Chili | The Good Hearted Woman

Skinny {Skyline} Chili Boats

The closest I’ve ever gotten to Cincinnati is watching WKRP as a kid, but it was love at first bite as far as their chili is concerned. Cincinnati Chili (in my admittedly limited experience) is basically a mild chili con carne made with seasonings from the sweet side of the spice shelf: cinnamon, cloves, allspice and (sometimes) […]

As the story took on more life, I began to believe it myself, until after a few years, it was no longer just a story, but instead my reality. It defined me. That is what the stories we tell about ourselves do.

Why St. Patrick’s Day is My Favorite Holiday

St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday. I love it more than Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter, or even Arbor Day, but the reason might surprise you: it hinges solely on my status as an adoptee. If you were brought up with your biological family, you might not understand some of what follows: if you […]

Garlic-Almond Spaghetti Squash | The Good Hearted Woman

Garlic-Almond Spaghetti Squash {Recipe}

Ever wonder where food bloggers get their inspiration? Seven times out of ten, it's from other food bloggers! (Totally made that statistic up, btw! But you get the point.) Last fall I found a recipe for Garlic … [Read More...]

Eggs Provençal a la Renée | The Good Hearted Woman

Eggs Provençal a la Renée

As promised in yesterday's edition of  "Brunching with Bloggers," here is my version of La Provence's Eggs Provençal. The prep vs. outcome for this dish is exceedingly low: just 10-15 minutes of mild effort will reward you … [Read More...]

Mosier Twin Tunnels Hike

Mosier Twin Tunnels {Hike}

We decided to wrap up our Valentine's weekend trip to Hood River by stretching our winter-weary hiking legs with a trip up to see the historic Twin Tunnels just west of Mosier, Oregon.  Really more of a stroll than a hike, … [Read More...]

Hood River BnB | The Good Hearted Woman

Hood River BnB: An Inspiring Destination

A year ago, Mr. B. and I hatched a dream – in our second life, we are going to open a Bed & Breakfast. And though it is likely more than a decade away, even now we often stay up late on weekends imagining and planning – … [Read More...]

TOAST 2015, organized by Oregon Distillers Guild, is the signature artisan spirits tasting event of the Pacific Northwest.

Time for Another TOAST! {+ Ticket Giveaway}

Notes from the Man Cave One of the best parts about having a wife who is a Portland blogger is that occasionally I get to attend some really awesome events with her, and when Renée got an invite to attend TOAST 2015, you can … [Read More...]