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Camp Blogaway 2015 | The Good Hearted Woman

Are You a Flag Bearer or a Cool Kid?

A Recap of My Adventures at Camp Blogaway {Part 1}   My sleeping bag is aired and put away, and I’ve nearly recovered from the virus I caught on the plane home, so it’s finally time to share my Camp Blogaway story with you. As I hoped, I met some of the greatest people. (This […]

Sweet Spot for Doernbecher - Chevy Shop Social: Portland, Part 2 | The Good Hearted Woman

Sweet Spot for Doernbecher

Chevy Shop Social: Portland {Part 2}   My editors used to tell me, “Put the important stuff up front, because a lot of people don’t read the whole thing. SO… C’mon down to Pioneer Square next Thursday! The party starts at 6pm and Raffle Tickets are just $2 a pop! Really, that’s all you need […]

I could give you a lot of medical jargon, but this pretty much sums it all up: it was very, very bad.  Moreover, I can only reflect on it all from a mother's perspective: my daughter's experience was her own, and I am sure that she would share a different story.

Doernbecher: Hope in the Darkness {A Mother’s Story}

Chevy Shop Social: Portland, Part 1 When I was asked to take part in Chevy Shop Social: Portland to benefit Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, I was thrilled. In another post, I’ll share with you the happy things: the new Chevy I got to drive while I shopped for the contents of my Raffle Basket, the awesome […]