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Delish Deviled Eggs - Cookbook Review 2

Ginger-Chili Deviled Eggs

When I write a book review, I tend to jump in with both feet. Prepping to write about D’lish Deviled Eggs, a micro-focused cookbook by Chef Kathy Casey, was no exception: I ended up making four dozen eggs (that’s 96 deviled eggs!) using six of Chef Casey’s fifty-four recipes.  Today I’m sharing a slightly-adapted version […]

Delish Deviled Eggs - Cookbook Review 3

D’Lish Deviled Eggs {Book Review}

After attending a media event at Portland’s Heathman Restaurant celebrating the launch of their new happy hour menu, I went home curious to find out more about the woman who had developed it – Chef Kathy Casey. I learned that not only is Chef Casey is a celebrated chef, entertaining expert, cookbook author and pioneer […]

NestFresh Eggs | The Good Hearted Woman

NestFresh Eggs {Sponsored Giveaway}

It’s EGG WEEK here on The Good Hearted Woman, and while some folks may still be sorting out that whole which came first thing, I can tell you that here, the egg comes first. Today I want to introduce you to NestFresh Eggs.  I’ve gone through five dozen of these lovelies just this week, and […]

Homemade Flour Tortillas | The Good Hearted Woman

Homemade Flour Tortillas

It's been nearly twenty years since I had homemade tortillas for the first time, and the memory is as fresh as if it had happened yesterday.  I watched fascinated as our cousin Leah, the daughter of long-time missionaries … [Read More...]

Boston {My First Concert} | The Good Hearted Woman

Keep on Chasing That Dream

Summer is here - time for cut-off jeans, cold beverages, and loud music on the green.  Sit back, youngsters. I’m gonna tell you about the good ol' days. I went to my first concert back in ’77 – BOSTON – at what was … [Read More...]

Raspberry Sundae with Ginger-Butterscotch Sauce | The Good Hearted Woman

Raspberry Ginger-Butterscotch Sundae

Notes from the Man Cave Last night, I had a serious craving for something sweet, so Renée went down to the kitchen and came back with a bowl of this stuff.  After the first bite, my exact words to her were, "Oh Baby, … [Read More...]

Portland Rose Garden | The Good Hearted Woman

The Roses Outside Our Window

We took a trip to Portland's Rose Garden last weekend. As I wandered through the seemly endless rows of roses, I found myself contemplating this quote by Dale Carnegie: One of the most tragic things I know about human nature … [Read More...]

Garlic Roasted Baby Squashes  The Good Hearted Woman 1

Garlic Roasted Baby Squashes

Costco has bags of darling little baby squashes right now, and I just couldn't resist getting some.  They are so easy to prepare, and deliciously tender and sweet.  This method will work just as well with larger summer … [Read More...]

Father's Day Card

Two Cards {for Father’s Day}

A man walked by me in Safeway wearing Old Spice the other day. The smallest things are reminding me… Father’s Day is here again. Last Thursday, I stood in the Hallmark store at the mall, searching out two Father’s Day … [Read More...]

Whiskey Ginger with Lime | The Good Hearted Woman

Mr. B’s Man Cave {Whiskey Ginger Recipe}

My darling husband, Mr. B is pretty handy around the kitchen and an excellent cook in his own right: he’s always been very supportive of me and the work I do here on the blog. However, I didn’t know he had any interest in … [Read More...]

Homemade Ginger Syrup |The Good Hearted Woman

Homemade Ginger Syrup

Mr. B and I love ginger. I recently discovered how easy it is to make ginger syrup, and this delicious condiment is quickly becoming a new favorite among our kitchen staples. Scroll to the bottom of the post for just a … [Read More...]