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Foodie Finds 4

IFBC 2014 Foodie-Find Awards!

Welcome to the first ever Good Hearted Foodie-Find Awards An unapologetically subjective, completely biased list of new-to-me food discoveries from IFBC 2014 Best [Healthy] Addiction Raincoast Crisps from Lesley StoweSometimes it pays to stay late at the party.  On the first night of IFBC, I lingered talking with a small group of fellow foodies while that night’s sponsoring […]

2nd Blogaversary

Two Years of Great Food & Good Vibes!

I can’t believe that I’ve been blogging here for two whole years! I had intended to write a deep, meaningful post for today about what I’ve learned in the last two years and about the wonderful, inspiring people I’ve met so far on my journey, but then life got in the way. I cannot say […]

Paella with Aneto | The Good Hearted Woman

Easy Paella a la Aneto {Recipe}

The folks from Aneto traveled all the way from Barcelona, Spain to Seattle, Washington to share their product at the International Food Bloggers Conference [IFBC] last month, and each time I had the occasion to speak with them throughout the weekend I became more and more impressed with their dedication to quality and their passion for […]

Chicken Endive Wrappetizers | The Good Hearted Woman

PF Changs Chicken {Endive} Wrap-petizers

One of the coolest food items I was introduced to at the International Food Bloggers Conference [IFBC] last month was California Endive.  Sure, I've seen endive before, and there is always some chef on television extolling … [Read More...]

Tulips | The Good Hearted Woman

Planting Bulbs

Daddy died in the quiet of the early morning on the last day of September, eight years ago: I was the last person to see him before he passed away. Before I left his hospital room that last night, while my mom waited out in … [Read More...]