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Mosaic Frame | The Good Hearted Woman

Broken Memories Redux {DIY Mosaic Frame}

Ever break a memory? Last month, I did – and then I put it back together in a whole new way. Whenever we go on vacation, Mr. B and I always try to find something really nice to take home as a memento of our adventure. We don’t buy a lot of crazy touristy stuff […]

Grilled Corn | The Good Hearted Woman

Grilled Corn with Mesquite Cilantro Butter {Sponsored}

Tis the season.  (No, not that season.)  It’s Farmers Market season.  That magical time of year when local markets are busting at the seams and roadside stands pop up nearly everywhere.  Those long, hot summer days when we load up on every sweet, luscious fruit and vegetable we can get our mouths on, before they disappear […]

Caprese Panini |The Good Hearted Woman

Caprese Panini Without a Press {3 Ways!}

It’s that time of year! The tomatoes are ripe, the basil is lush, and a freshly-pressed panini sounds like the perfect meal. However, if you are like me, you might not have a Panini Press just sitting around. They are expensive, they take up a boatload of room, and they don’t do a whole lot […]

Daddy & Goats 2

Dad’s 10 Life Lessons

Dad would have been 88 today. He died eight years ago from Parkinson's related complications, and I still miss him every day. I miss his dumb jokes, and how he always started laughing halfway through the telling. I miss his … [Read More...]

HQ Southern BBQ Review | The Good Hearted Woman

HQ Southern BBQ {Casper, WY}

Notes from the Man Cave I travel to Wyoming once or twice a year on business, and Renée occasionally goes with me. When I’m on the road, I always try to find places to eat that are a little off the beaten path – the food is … [Read More...]

Make a Tortilla Warmer {Tutorial} | The Good Hearted Woman

DIY Fabric Tortilla Warmer {Tutorial}

Do you have an indispensable gadget in your kitchen that you didn’t know you needed until you got it? Something you can't imagine life without now? For me, one answer is my fabric tortilla warmer.  I discovered these little … [Read More...]

Sweet & Spicy Buffalo CHicken Wings with Bleu Cheese Dip |The Good Hearted Woman

Happy National Chicken Wing Day!

Notes from the Man Cave Today is National Chicken Wing Day!  (I would never have known that if Renée hadn't told me, but she says it is, so it must be true.) To celebrate this auspicious occasion, I thought I'd share … [Read More...]

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream | The Good Hearted Woman

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream {Sponsored}

Ice cream is the stuff memories are made of. The bell of the ice cream truck ringing through the neighborhood, a cone at Goodale’s after a haircut, a chocolate soda with my big brother. These are my earliest recollections – … [Read More...]

Fancy That | The Good Hearted Woman

Fancy That! {PDX Bloggers}

Sometimes you just need to get your craft on. Last month, I spent a few lovely hours with a few of Portland’s best bloggers enjoying tea, cookies, and crafting at Fancy That at Orenco Station in Hillsboro. Fancy That is … [Read More...]