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Egg & Cheese Rolls  - The Weirdest Food Your Whole Family Will Love | The Good Hearted Woman

Egg & Cheese Rolls: The Weirdest Food Your Whole Family Will Love

If you have a large family (particularly one with a variety of eating styles) you know how hard it is to find meals that everyone enjoys.  Egg & Cheese Rolls consistently comes up in the top five among our kids, and is one of the most requested meals by our older kids when they return home for a […]

How to Make Toast, and other important recipes |The Good Hearted Woman

Kitchen Mastery 101: Ramen & Beyond

My oldest daughter writes a beautiful blog called Homemade Toast. You may have stumbled into it a year or so ago when her Water Blob post went viral. (Thanks, Ashton!) Anyway, the reason I bring it up is because her blog was … [Read More...]

TOAST 2015 - The Original Artisan Spirits Tasting

A TOAST to Portland’s Artisan Distillers

A few weeks ago, Renée and I had the opportunity to attend the fifth annual Portland TOAST, an annual artisan spirits tasting hosted by the Oregon Distillers' Guild and the Oregon Distillery Trail. A gathering of over 40 … [Read More...]

Skinny Cincinnati {Skyline} Chili | The Good Hearted Woman

Skinny {Skyline} Chili Boats

The closest I've ever gotten to Cincinnati is watching WKRP as a kid, but it was love at first bite as far as their chili is concerned. Cincinnati Chili (in my admittedly limited experience) is basically a mild chili … [Read More...]

Garlic-Almond Spaghetti Squash | The Good Hearted Woman

Garlic-Almond Spaghetti Squash {Recipe}

Ever wonder where food bloggers get their inspiration? Seven times out of ten, it's from other food bloggers! (Totally made that statistic up, btw! But you get the point.) Last fall I found a recipe for Garlic … [Read More...]